Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wallpaper Dilemma!

I decided this weekend i'd kick start decorating the tiny back room at the boyfriends - it'll eventually be a spare bedroom/dressing room & I have been given sole decorating responsibility :) Exciting times!

I'd already decided I wanted it to be quite clean & light, bringing colour in with accessories & soft furnishings, so embarked on a little trip to B&Q to pick up some paint. Whilst I was there I took a little detour to the wallpaper aisle, not expecting to find anything that would really jump out at me & was pleasantly surprised when I spotted these super cute designs -

                            Left - Statement Brighton                                                          Right - La Vie Ordinaire

At just £19.98 a roll it's an absolute bargain & the playful style is exactly the kind of thing I was after - I think they would make a really quirky statement wall whilst still keeping the room nice & light -  I just can't decide which I prefer, I really love the colours in the Brighton design, but think the scenes in 'La Vie Ordinaire' would suit a dressing room more - decisions decisions! What do you guys think?!

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