Friday, 13 July 2012

Rob Ryan

On my little jaunt to Columbia Road a few weeks ago I visited Rob Ryan's studio Ryantown. I've had a slight fixation with his quirky cut out designs for a while now & visiting his cute little East End shop/studio was a right treat.

You'll no doubt have come across something by Rob Ryan, his designs seem to be popping up everywhere, in particular I keep walking into shops to be greeted by his kitchenware, mugs/plates etc.

Rob Ryan's lovely plates - set of 4 for £26.99... BARGAIN!

His whimsical illustrations usually come along side cute little quotes or poems that just make you go all warm & fuzzy inside. My fave of his laser cut artworks is his "Can we? Shall we?" design -

Isn't it adorable? I would very much like to have one of these hanging on my wall encouraging me to run away for a day of fun. You can pick up his limited edition laser cuts on his Etsy shop from about £80 (prices go up quite considerably though, depending on the edition size!)

I myself, decided to purchase a Rob Ryan vase whilst out on our day of fun, to house my beautiful Columbia Road peonies :) isn't it gorgeous!

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