Friday, 13 July 2012

Join me... reading Danny Wallace's book 'Join Me'

It's a true story about how Danny himself accidentally started a cult through posting a cryptic advertisement in a local magazine encouraging people to join him. What they were joining they didn't have a clue but surprisingly a number of people chose to do as the advertisement said & join, by posting a passport sized photograph to his East London address.

Over time what started as another of his "stupid boy projects" turned into something bigger than he could ever have imagined. The Join Me collective encourages people to carry out a random act of kindness every 'Good Friday' basically just giving people an excuse to do nice things for others! 

It's properly lovely & really funny & I really want to join! Read it & let the goodness of Join Me wash over you & encourage more goodness into your life!

"The Karma Army has now been going for getting on ten years… good people committed to performing one random act of kindness a week, being nice for the sake of… well… just being nice. People do good deeds – some secret, some public – they chat on the forums, they meet up around the country, and once a year we all end up in a pub after a properly fun day of random acts of kindness…" -

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