Sunday, 2 March 2014

Olivia Burton's Beautiful Watches

Just before Christmas I made another great Instagram discovery - Olivia Burton watches

I'd been after a new watch for ages when I spotted this collection & was instantly sold. 

Founded in 2012 by 2 fashion graduates Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings, who quit their jobs buying for the likes of ASOS & Selfridges to design & create their perfect watch... & aren't we glad they did!

Their collection is beautiful & affordable with a sleek simple design, drawing inspiration from vintage style & catwalk trends.

You can choose from large or small dials, a huge colour variety of leather straps, rose gold or gold plated stainless steel link straps, & a gorgeous selection of motifs including butterflies, bees, hummingbirds & owls, reminiscent of the British countryside. There is definitely something for everyone. 

For me there was always going to be one winner, the hummingbird watch was exactly what I was looking for, a simple watch face & leather strap with just a little bit of added quirk, a classic design that's just a little bit different. I do love it so! 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bonnie Gull - Seafood Shack in the City

Last night I managed to tick another restaurant off my "must try" London eatery list. I first came across Bonnie Gull in an Evening Standard review, it sounded pretty good so I added it to my ever growing list of places to eat. Since then its popped up in blogs & review sites all over the place with nothing but praise, so when my mum said she was going to be in London this weekend for her birthday I thought this would be the perfect opportunity!

Starting as a pop up in a Hackney Pie & Mash shop & with a couple of very successful collaborations, Bonnie Gull now has permanent residents on Foley Street in Fitzrovia, with a new seafood cafe on the horizon opening soon in Exmouth Market.

It's a gorgeous teeny tiny seaside seafood shack in the city, the BT tower looms just around the corner but you could swear you were just steps away from the shore!

The interior is simple but effective, as you'd expect a seaside shack to be, all white & blue, with wooden clad benches & bar & with rope adorning the rustic walls. But there are some unique little quirks, namely the stacked crate shelving behind the bar surrounding the raw bar & the "Winkles" & "Clams" toilet signage which really add a special touch.

Booking is a must due to the size & popularity (yes, a popular & tasty restaurant in London that you CAN book at, shocking, I know) I was informed that the bookings come in 2 hour slots but they'll be more than happy to extend this if possible. 

Now... The most important part - the food!

Some seriously good seafood, all 100% UK sourced, the menu changes according to the catches of the day, with a feature blackboard on the back wall which tells you where each type of fish featuring on the menu has been caught - nice touch! 

We ordered the Crab & the Mussels to start. The crab starter was beautiful, half a crab with toasted sour dough & a pot of their special crab mayo - pretty hefty for a starter but that's never really been an issue with me, the more food the better! The mussels with cider, creme fraiche & smoked bacon, served with a big chunk of bread were also a winner, the sauce was delish!

I'm a sucker for a Bouillabaisse, so when I spotted that on the menu I was pretty much sold & was mega happy I did, it came piled with 3 different types of fish (forgive me ... I've forgotten which, but they were all good!) clams, mussels & the best squid I've eaten, It was so meaty & delicious, miles away from the chewy/soft calamari rings that are all too popular around London, this was proper squid, tentacles & all & it was good, really good! We also ordered the Plaice a la Menuiere, Mussels & samphire which was the biggest portion of Plaice I've ever seen, & the Beer Battered Haddock, Beef Dripping Chips, & Mushy Peas ... & we may or may not have also ordered a 2nd portion of the chips to share (they were AMAZING) 

We didn't indulge in dessert unfortunately as we had a rather large birthday cake to get through, I would definitely have gone for the Chocolate Brownie with Cherry Ice Cream if we had done though! Bet it would have been amazing. There was also an impressive looking selection of cocktails that were being churned out from behind the wood clad bar. which unfortunately I didn't delve into on this occasion, another good excuse to go back though! 

The staff are amazingly nice and were only too happy to apply a million candles to my mums birthday cake & sing along to "Happy Birthday", they definitely added to the overall experience with their friendly banter. 

So if you fancy a trip to the seaside but don't quite have the time and/or energy to leave the Capital , or you just want a great seafood meal then get down to Bonnie Gull for the ultimate Seafood shack in the city!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day LoveStar

Happy Valentines day lovely people! ...

I hope your days have been full of love, flowers, chocolates & balloons. My boyfriend popped round with all of these things before he had to go & spend his Valentines evening Policing, so I'm spending the evening eating & drinking too much with my Dad, not quite the way St Valentine had in mind i'm sure but it works for me! 

I have a special little love themed post for you today, to which we have the wonderful world of Instagram to thank!

Like the rest of the world i've gone slightly Instagram mad lately, I can literally waste hours of my life aimlessly browsing through pictures. I won't apologise for it though, I've made some wonderful discoveries this way, one of them being LoveStar's amazingly beautiful wall mounted vases!

Individually hand crafted in Brisbane Australia, these are just the most gorgeous vases I have ever seen & I MUST have one! ... Look, just look how lovely! ....

Amazing huh? I just love that clear pink one! ... & if they couldn't get any better, yesterday Instagram bought this beauty into my life ... LoveStar have created a GIANT one-of-a-kind love heart vase for a Valentines day competition!

Whoever wins that beauty is just insanely lucky, meanwhile I have an Uncle in Australia who should be expecting an email very soon, I'll get my hands on one of these somehow!

Enjoy your love filled evening & weekend whatever you may be doing :)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Jelly Holiday

I'm off to Mauritius in May & am far too excited for my own good.

My Dad was born there & he has a huge number of Uncles & Aunties & Cousins that he can't wait to meet again. With everyone getting that little bit older & him losing his Dad last year he decided that enough was enough & we were going to book ourselves tickets, a lovely hotel & go & visit family & the island that was my Grandpere's home for many years.

I'm super excited to be able to take the boyfriend, it's an extra special treat for him turning 30 this year, it'll be lovely to get to share the experience with him, wandering along the beach, swimming in the sea & visiting places which hold so much history for my family.

So now we're in Feb & I know that Spring is on its way i'm starting to think about packing! ... I know May is a long way off & I'll no doubt end up in a last minute panic, so if I start thinking about it now I might save myself some trauma further down the line.

First & most important on my agenda are Jelly shoes!

I visited Mauritius with my Mum & Dad when I was 11... & one of my most vivid memories is quite an unfortunate one - Me standing on sea urchin & later having it's needles dug out of my foot by the hotel doctor. It was surprisingly not the most wonderful of experiences and one I definitely don't intend on reliving this time round! ... So yes... Jelly shoes, no little sea creatures will be getting through those (hopefully).

Now I haven't worn Jelly shoes since I was about 8 & worried that I might struggle to find the ridiculously bright pair of my childhood dreams... how wrong I was! A quick Google & I've been inundated with choice -

My brand of choice now being JuJu Jellies!

I do love an extensive coloured jelly choice! & for £20 you can't really go wrong.

ASOS has also got a pretty good selection, these "ASOS Funky Jelly Sandals" are only £10 ... Love the yellow ones!

So yes,  I shall definitely be sporting a ridiculously bright pair of Jelly Shoes on the beach this year & at a wonderful budget price! Cannot wait!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Non. Je ne regette rien

After spending a few hours sat in a beautiful sunny garden perusing the internet I stumbled across Sarah & Bendrix & this gorgeous gold foil Edith Piaf print.

I definitely think this could be one to add to my ever growing collection - although it's occurred to me that perhaps I should get some of my previously purchased prints framed before I start buying more! 

There are a number of other gorgeous items available on the site, & after a quick flick through their blog I think I will be sat in the garden for a few hours longer than I intended! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Wallpaper Dilemma!

I decided this weekend i'd kick start decorating the tiny back room at the boyfriends - it'll eventually be a spare bedroom/dressing room & I have been given sole decorating responsibility :) Exciting times!

I'd already decided I wanted it to be quite clean & light, bringing colour in with accessories & soft furnishings, so embarked on a little trip to B&Q to pick up some paint. Whilst I was there I took a little detour to the wallpaper aisle, not expecting to find anything that would really jump out at me & was pleasantly surprised when I spotted these super cute designs -

                            Left - Statement Brighton                                                          Right - La Vie Ordinaire

At just £19.98 a roll it's an absolute bargain & the playful style is exactly the kind of thing I was after - I think they would make a really quirky statement wall whilst still keeping the room nice & light -  I just can't decide which I prefer, I really love the colours in the Brighton design, but think the scenes in 'La Vie Ordinaire' would suit a dressing room more - decisions decisions! What do you guys think?!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Laura Gravestock

Myself and the boyfriend went to the Cockpit Arts Christmas open studio a few months ago. Based in Holborn, Cockpit Yard is home to the working studios of some amazingly talented people & the open day was a wonderful opportunity to go and nose around and buy some gifts directly from them!
The Summer 2013 open studio dates have just been released - Holborn 7 - 9 June & Deptford 14 - 16 June, put it in your diaries, its well worth the visit!

One person in particular really caught my eye and that was Laura Gravestock and her beauuutiful hand made jewellery. Check out her new electrifying Struck collection, it's lush... & with Valentines day coming up something from her Written collection would be the perfect gift! I love the single & multi heart rings - so cute & dainty.

I was lucky enough to get treated to my very own commissioned Carla necklace from the boyfriend for my birthday :) ... love it SO much, its so beautifully made!  I can NEVER get stuff with my name on, so it makes it super special that it's been made just for me!