Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Day LoveStar

Happy Valentines day lovely people! ...

I hope your days have been full of love, flowers, chocolates & balloons. My boyfriend popped round with all of these things before he had to go & spend his Valentines evening Policing, so I'm spending the evening eating & drinking too much with my Dad, not quite the way St Valentine had in mind i'm sure but it works for me! 

I have a special little love themed post for you today, to which we have the wonderful world of Instagram to thank!

Like the rest of the world i've gone slightly Instagram mad lately, I can literally waste hours of my life aimlessly browsing through pictures. I won't apologise for it though, I've made some wonderful discoveries this way, one of them being LoveStar's amazingly beautiful wall mounted vases!

Individually hand crafted in Brisbane Australia, these are just the most gorgeous vases I have ever seen & I MUST have one! ... Look, just look how lovely! ....

Amazing huh? I just love that clear pink one! ... & if they couldn't get any better, yesterday Instagram bought this beauty into my life ... LoveStar have created a GIANT one-of-a-kind love heart vase for a Valentines day competition!

Whoever wins that beauty is just insanely lucky, meanwhile I have an Uncle in Australia who should be expecting an email very soon, I'll get my hands on one of these somehow!

Enjoy your love filled evening & weekend whatever you may be doing :)

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