Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Jelly Holiday

I'm off to Mauritius in May & am far too excited for my own good.

My Dad was born there & he has a huge number of Uncles & Aunties & Cousins that he can't wait to meet again. With everyone getting that little bit older & him losing his Dad last year he decided that enough was enough & we were going to book ourselves tickets, a lovely hotel & go & visit family & the island that was my Grandpere's home for many years.

I'm super excited to be able to take the boyfriend, it's an extra special treat for him turning 30 this year, it'll be lovely to get to share the experience with him, wandering along the beach, swimming in the sea & visiting places which hold so much history for my family.

So now we're in Feb & I know that Spring is on its way i'm starting to think about packing! ... I know May is a long way off & I'll no doubt end up in a last minute panic, so if I start thinking about it now I might save myself some trauma further down the line.

First & most important on my agenda are Jelly shoes!

I visited Mauritius with my Mum & Dad when I was 11... & one of my most vivid memories is quite an unfortunate one - Me standing on sea urchin & later having it's needles dug out of my foot by the hotel doctor. It was surprisingly not the most wonderful of experiences and one I definitely don't intend on reliving this time round! ... So yes... Jelly shoes, no little sea creatures will be getting through those (hopefully).

Now I haven't worn Jelly shoes since I was about 8 & worried that I might struggle to find the ridiculously bright pair of my childhood dreams... how wrong I was! A quick Google & I've been inundated with choice -

My brand of choice now being JuJu Jellies!

I do love an extensive coloured jelly choice! & for £20 you can't really go wrong.

ASOS has also got a pretty good selection, these "ASOS Funky Jelly Sandals" are only £10 ... Love the yellow ones!

So yes,  I shall definitely be sporting a ridiculously bright pair of Jelly Shoes on the beach this year & at a wonderful budget price! Cannot wait!

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