Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pretty Prints

A lot of you probably have the same problem as me, you settle down to read a blog, and 3 hours later you find yourself somewhere completely unrelated after a chain of link clicking. This has taken me to some weird and wonderful places and has also left me with a wish list of about a gazillion things that I want to buy some day.

One thing i'm sure of is when I FINALLY have my own home, I want it's walls to be filled with lots of lovely artwork and prints, and my wish list is ever growing.

Here's but a few of my favourites:

London Map Print - Famille Summerbelle 

I love this London map print by Famille Summerbelle with its cute little illustrations, It comes in 3 different colours and can also be bought as a laser cut piece which is amazing but about 3x the price! 

Birds of sadness - Studio On Fire

This is a print by US based letterpress print firm - Studio on fire. I bought a book of theirs a few years ago and it's FULL of beautiful designs. I'm not really sure what it is about this poster but I just kept getting drawn back to it. The quote is a Chinese proverb that reads "You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair" Deep huh?!

Peter Pan - Spineless Classics

I'm a huge fan of the Spineless Classics posters. They take a classic book (Peter Pan's my fave) and create beautifully designed typographic posters which feature the WHOLE book. Every last word. Amazing no?

Manners Maketh Man - Chase and Wonder

This cute little monkey print is by design group Chase & Wonder. They create prints, greetings cards and accessories all featuring beautiful illustrative designs. I like to think that if I hang this around the house it'll be a nice little bit of motivation for the boyfriend, if not i've got a picture of a monkey wearing a bowler hat on my wall and I can see nothing bad about that!

Paris Vs New York 

And finally... Paris Vs New York, a comparison of the two cities by French graphic designer Vahram Maratyan. Whilst visiting NY he started an online travel journal, showcasing his observations of the city in the form of these gorgeous graphics. Have a flick through, they're super clever. 

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