Friday, 18 May 2012

Kate Spade New York - Watch lust

I recently discovered Kate Spade New York... not quite sure how I went so long without it coming to my attention, mainly because they have the most beautiful collection of watches EVER. I need one.

I've been looking for a new watch for a while now and I think one of these may just be the one, I'm particularly in love with the bangle watches and the Gramercy range. They really are lovely.

Like the majority of the sites I find and fall in love with they're US based which means when ordering off Nordstrom you're looking at an extra £30-£40 postage & packaging after the shipping & handling & tax & vat & all the other costs that they like to add on to things when you're shipping to the UK - But cheaper than flying to NY!

Here's a selection of my faves!

1. Carousel Bangle Watch in many a funky colour - £167.70
2. Gramercy Grand Bracelet Watch - £150.90
3. Metro Leather Strap Watch - £117.39
All on Nordstrom

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