Monday, 11 June 2012

Sunday morning on Columbia Road

I had the loveliest day with the Boyfriend this weekend. We don't get many days just me & him so when the opportunity arises we try & run away for the day and do lovely things.

This Sunday we popped into London bright and early to visit Columbia Road, i've wanted to go for ages & it didn't disappoint. It is one of the few streets in London thats made up solely of independent shops, cafe's & galleries & on a Sunday morning it is transformed into a sea of flowers & foliage as the Columbia Road flower market takes over.

It's definitely the place to go to get a taste of real old East London as you wander around to the tune of dozens of London accents calling out "3 for a fiver!" (that or... "My wife's expecting a take away & a bottle of Pinot Noir tonight, if you don't stop taking photos & start buying something it'll be a tin of beans & an appletiser!" HA! he was deff my favourite) The flowers are stunning & such better quality and price than anything you'll find in Asda on a Sunday morning, you can pick up anything from flowering cacti (which I had actually bought in Asda the night before - sans flowers & regretted instantly!), herb plants & bulbs to huge bunches of cut flowers.

The boyfriend bought me the
loveliest bunch of Peonies :) 
After we'd finished strolling up & down the market we squeezed
our way behind the stalls to pop into a few of the shops, where it
took all my mortal strength to stop myself spending a total fortune!
The galleries were my favourite & I've fallen in love with so many things, in particular some prints by Blanca Gomez that I found in Elphicks (cute little gallery), I love them so much that they will be getting their very own post. There are a tonne of little quirky vintage shops as well, full of gorgeous tea sets, glass wear & paintings, one of them - Vintage Heaven, had a teeny little cafe set in the back of it thats
meant to be really nice, deff going to have to go back & try it out.

As if the flowers, the shops and the galleries weren't enough, a bunch of buskers turned up & started entertaining the crowds (they were really good!) which totally topped off the whole atmosphere. It was just the loveliest way to spend the morning!


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