Saturday, 9 June 2012

Weekend Brunch

This morning I decided that i'd treat myself and the boyfriend to another brunch recipe i've been drooling over on Spoon Fork Bacon, today we made Baked Egg Boats!

Baked Egg boats are basically baked omelette mixture encased in bread... can't go wrong with a bit of baked egg & bread as we discovered when we made the egg cups a few weeks back!

You can add whatever you fancy to the mix, we went for bacon & mushroom & opted for a dash of milk over the heavy cream they use on SFB in a bid to be a teeny bit healthier.

So for 4 of these you will need -

4 mini baguettes
5 eggs
A splash of milk
Salt & Pepper
Fillings of your choice

Cut a V shape into the top of your baguettes and
partially unstuff them to make little bread boats!

Prepare your filling

Add the filling to the omellete mixture of eggs & milk
& pour into the boats, season with salt & pepper

Bake in the oven at gas mark 4 (350 degrees) for 25 mins

Ta daaaa!

They're super yummy, think i'll deff be adding a bit of cheese next time though! Have a lovely brunchy weekend :) x

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