Friday, 31 August 2012

Bliss in the woods

A little while ago I posted about good old Jonathan Adler & his gorgeous Utopia range (still obsessed with it… why oh why is it so expensive?!) … but the other day I came across something on Bright Bazzar (it's good - be sure to check it out!) that nearly made me weep with joy, not only is it beautiful, colourful and animal themed, but it's about 1/4 of the price of J.A, take a peek at the amazing Bliss in the Woods homeware range from Our Workshop

1. Salt Bird  2. Mugs  3. Large Owl Storage Jar
 4. Milk Bird Jug & Sugar Bowl Set

It was the owl storage jar that grabbed my attention, then I spotted the salt bird, the bird milk jug and sugar bowl set and the mugs & that was it, SOLD! It's got the playful quirkiness of J.A but with that all important splash of colour! … Love it! 

The salt bird i think is deff my favourite, i've managed for 24 years without one, but now i'm pretty sure it's imperative that I have one in my life, it's hysterical. 

What's your fave from the collection?!

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