Thursday, 16 August 2012

Love a bit of shiny!

I came across Astley Clarke a little too late this year, just after my birthday, with another 11 months to go until the next gift... it's been hard, but only 130 days to go til Christmas people! (sorry)

I just LOVE their collection, all shiny and pretty and tonnes of different gem stones in so many different colours. Their stacking rings are my absolute fave & most of them are pretty affordable, but then you have to go and buy enough to stack and the price goes up and up and up! You can have hours of fun on their website putting your own little collection together though.

I'm really wanting a Garnet ring at the moment, it's my birth stone & I always used to hate it, but i've slowly come round to the idea and now I need one in my life.

This one from the stacking rings collection I think is super pretty & at only £65 is a definite contender onto this years Christmas list!

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